Peyton’s Engaged!!!

Last week, my little sister, Peyton, got engaged to a pretty great guy, Brian.  If you’re not family, you might just want to skip over this next part and get to the pictures.  🙂  But if you’re interested, here’s how it went down:

 Brian called me a couple of months ago and said he was going to ask Peyton to marry him on her 25th birthday, which just so happened to coincide with our family beach trip.  He wanted to do something simple, like write the big question out in the sand.  The hard part would be making it a surprise, since Peyton is generally suspicious and, to look at her Pinterest boards, marriage has crossed her mind once or twice.  Several different plans were tossed around, but the proposal started with everyone being very slow to get ready for Peyton’s birthday dinner.  She had to be ready first.  So that she would go for a walk with Brian on the beach.  So that we could go down and write in the sand.  When it was all ready, we sent Peyton a demanding “Where the heck did y’all go?!?!? I’m starving!” text, and they started walking right back.  He got on one knee she said yes, and after sitting in my husband Josh’s khaki shorts drawer for a week (the only place we thought Peyton wouldn’t feel comfortable snooping in), there it is on little Buddha’s hand.

Peyton's Engagement-2Angie and her crew came down to watch 🙂 Peyton's Engagement-3

Peyton's Engagement-5

Peyton's Engagement-9

Peyton's Engagement-7

Peyton's Engagement-8

Peyton's Engagement-12

Peyton's Engagement-14

For some strangers loving the love, see below.Peyton's Engagement-15

Peyton's Engagement-38

Peyton's Engagement-18

Peyton's Engagement-21

Peyton's Engagement-23

Peyton's Engagement-27

Peyton's Engagement-30

Peyton's Engagement-33

Peyton's Engagement-36

Peyton's Engagement-41

Enough about you, Peyton & Brian, let’s have a quick family photo shoot.  Peyton's Engagement-42

Peyton's Engagement-47

Then, and I don’t know why, but this felt right.  Peyton's Engagement-51

One response to “Peyton’s Engaged!!!

  1. Terri Herman

    Simply. Beautiful.

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