Carrie & Matt

You know those rare families where everyone is beautiful and sweet and you can’t help but be a little jealous of how ridiculously good-looking every single one is?  One of those families just formed when Carrie and Matt got married at the Peninsula Club in October.  These two wanted their wedding to be about their family and their love and I think they got it.  They forewent the traditional wedding party to include their SEVEN children as groomsmen and bridesmaids.  While everyone was getting ready, Peyton and I could not get over how in love with Carrie the girls were, constantly telling her how pretty she looked and that her dress was perfect.  As I type this, I’m remembering my own angsty teenage attitude and am even more impressed.  One of my favorite moments was when the girls spotted their dad and brothers out wandering around the grounds before the ceremony.  They formed a tiny human wall around their mom so that Matt wouldn’t see Carrie before the wedding.  Another was Matt’s removal of the garter.  There was classic rock, a Rambo-esque necktie sweat band, and a lot, a lot, of air guitar.  It was really hilarious and I hope there is video out there somewhere.

Thank Carrie and Matt for letting us be a part of your day.  You make our jobs easy!

Venue and Catering: The Peninsula Club

Flowers by Springvine Designs  (Note to future brides: PLEASE hire her, she only does gorgeous interesting flowers)

Music by Chad Powell of Echo Unlimited

Bride’s Gown: Allure from Anjolique 

Wedding Party: DaVinci Formals from Anjolique

{please share this link, but please do not crop, alter or steal images}

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