jason & jordan (got hitched!)

On August 25th Jason and Jordan got married at Vesuvius Vineyards and mine was the lucky family that got a new girl cousin!  Everything was beautiful, weather included .  Who gets sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s for an August wedding? From beginning to end, Jordan could not have been a more laid back bride and every little detail was perfect.  It was especially fun for Peyton and me to get to be a part of the whole day with people we know and love. If I had to choose favorite pictures, which I don’t but I’m going to, they would be:

1. Jason in the pink room getting his tie fixed

2. Georgia the flower girl peeking while cousin Sawyer dutifully closes his eyes for the prayer

3. The light beaming in on the bride and groom during communion

4. And basically any of the ones with Jordan looking fly like she always does

Enjoy the pictures here and look for more from the photo booth soon.

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