day one

day one

Today is the first day I’m publishing my blog.  Even though I’ve been adding pictures to it and writing to a formerly non-existent audience, today is the first day that anyone will see it.  I feel like the first day a girl publishes her blog should start out with a little honesty… so one thing I can say honestly is this: I hate competition.  I don’t play card games with my husband because he LOVES competition, and I hate it.  I prefer Draw Something over Words with Friends, of course because the former is much less competitive.  Therefore, when I think about having a photography business and a photography blog and people choosing me to take their pictures, I simultaneously almost-hyperventilate and feel honored and excited.  So let me get it out there: TONS of people are good at photography.  There are 15 or so 20-somethings on my facebook feed right now that post incredible pictures weekly.  All of them have something different to offer and do the same thing I do for different reasons.  Multiple times I’ve asked myself, “Does the world (or Denver, NC for that matter) need another middle class white girl photographer?”  The answer is without a doubt,  “No.”   So I can’t pretend I’m overcoming my fear of competition and judgement for the common good.  This is worth it to me because I love ‘love’ and marriage and getting to be with people on one of the most important days of their lives.  Photography is great, but for me it’s only great because it captures real emotions and moments that happen once in a lifetime.  Frankly, if I want people to continue letting me be a part of their important days, they’ve got to know that I’m good at the job they’re hiring me for.  So without a lot of selflessness… here are my pictures!  I hope you’ll check back often and see my photography and probably a lot of little things about my life in general.  I plan on posting about photo shoots, maybe some photography-related crafts, most likely some pictures of my dog, and probably no pictures taken of myself in the bathroom mirror, but I can’t guarantee that.

And because no post is complete without a picture, here’s is one of me on the day I graduated high school.  The big yellow box is my first SLR (no “D”) camera that was a gift from my parents.  I think the face I’m making is my teenage reaction to an overly sentimental card.

6 responses to “day one

  1. Lucy

    You are amazing Tay!!! So proud of you 🙂

  2. You are extremely capable and YES we need you to be a photographer. You are the best! We will probably keep you pretty busy if you don’t mind it getting a little awkward at times. By the way, I have never heard so many laughs or wonderful comments than from Jeremy’s session.

  3. Beautiful Taylor!! So excited for you!!

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